Baa Baa Black Sheep - The Joy of Sharing! The more we share, the more we have Baa. Baa.

Adolescence brings greed with itself. We need to ingrain the idea of sharing, early in the development of children. However, it is often counterintuitive for kids and you may face some resistance which makes it extremely tricky. But don’t worry. We bring to you the perfect nursery rhyme that will help you introduce all good habits in your child as they gear up for teenage years.  The rhyme begins with the narrator asking a sheep if it has some wool. The sheep happily replies with a yes and tells the narrator that it has three bags full of wool. The sheep continues to tell the narrator that one of the bags is for the sheep's master and the second for the sheep’s lady (dame). And then the sheep says that the last of his wool would be given to the little boy who lived down the lane. The song continues with the bags of wool multiplying. It offers several benefits for kids, such as helping them understand the concept of waiting for their turn. Its purpose is more educational, allowing children to learn about life in the countryside and imitate sheep's sounds. It also introduces mathematical concepts, including multiplication and division.