Baby Lily is learning to help her mother with the household chores. It's not long before she's helping her friend out too! This is a great video to teach kids the importance of helping others.

Lily's tyre came off while driving, so she called a mechanic to help her fix it. Watch as Lily tries to communicate with the mechanic and figure out what's happening. The mechanic comes and fixes the tyre. Then her Mechanic friend wanted to get the teddy bear on the Rack, he was trying to get it on his own and went through the stairs, but the stair fell down. He was hanging there on the Rack itself and asking for help. Then Baby Lily helped him to get him down and also helped to get him the Teddybear. In this adorable video, Baby Lily is helping his friend get a toy from height. Watch as these two friends work together to get the toy and enjoy the process! Then Lily and her friend went to help her mom wash dishes in the kitchen and help her clean the house. They had a great time together and enjoyed the moment. Lily is a little girl who loves to help her mom in the kitchen. And she's not just good at it - she's GREAT! In this video, Lily learns how to help mummy keep the kitchen and home clean simultaneously. Check this out and let your baby learn to help your family in the kitchen!