These two toddlers have outsmarted the Evil Pirate on a sunny day at the beach. Watch as they make him look like the fool he is and leave him with nothing but sand in his hand!

Our daring duo can be seen tricking the pirate with their clever moves when he searches for treasure buried under the sand. They make him a fool when he comes to search for a box full of gold coins. He started digging in the sand and told toddlers to dig it for him, and he set on a chair and relaxed. After digging for the log, what he found a chocolate box looks like gold coins. These Toddlers are very clever; they outsmart the pirate like a pro. The pirate comes with a map to find the gold coins that he thought were there. He takes off the chest lid, looks in, and then turns around to look at the toddlers with a perplexed expression on his face. The toddlers then burst into laughter, pointing at the chocolate treasure chest. The pirate turns red in frustration. He again got a treasure chest and a map in it. He started to find the gold coin box again and found out he was tricked again with a mark that he could see on the map he had found. This time, the pirate finally realized that the toddlers were tricking him. He roared in anger and ran away from the scene, never to be seen again! The toddlers were victorious, and the pirate was defeated. The two fearless toddlers had outsmarted the Evil Pirate! What a daring adventure it was. Who says toddlers can't be the hero? These two certainly proved otherwise.