It's Baby Lily's birthday, and her little friends are coming over to celebrate! Join in on the fun as they sing happy birthday, eat cake, and play games!

Baby Lily is turning one, and to celebrate; she invited all her little friends over for a birthday party! Her home is decorated with balloons, confetti, and streamers. The children are all wearing their birthday best, ready to party! She got a cake from his mom and dad, and the celebration started. Now guests are all singing "Happy Birthday" to her and clapping along as she blew out all the candles. Then it is time for presents! Her friends brought lots of toys, books, clothes, and more for her; she looked so cute in her birthday dress! The party was a blast! They all ate cake--it was delicious! Baby Lily received so many gifts and played a bunch of games. She was very happy; all her friends wore birthday caps and hats. It was such a memorable day, full of laughter and fun! Baby Lily had the best birthday ever! Celebrate with her and her friends, and make sure to capture the memories! All in all, it was a birthday party to remember. Cheers to Baby Lily's first year of life! Happy birthday, Baby Lily! Check out this video of her birthday party to see all the fun!