Meet the Finger Family and get to know your own hand a little bit better!

Our hands and fingers are unique. The sensitivity of our fingertips, the muscles and movement of our hands, and our opposable thumbs make our hands' handy tools. From birth, babies marvel at their hands which is why they wave them in front of their faces. Then slowly, children can master their fingers and hands, mastering their finger movements and achieving eye-hand coordination as they grow. Finger name songs are one of the many ways children can learn their finger names. This video is one of the finest nursery rhymes about fingers with a family featuring Daddy Finger as the thumb/first finger, Mommy Finger as the second finger, Brother Finger as the third finger, Sister Finger as the fourth finger and Baby Finger as the fifth finger. Learning to name fingers is more important than you have ever thought and when you get it done interactively, your kids are bound to love it!