Bath Song – It’s time to get all clean!

Young children may be afraid of the sound of running water or slipping underwater. They may not like to wash their hair or get soap or water in their eyes. If a child fears bathing, it is better to take her fear seriously. You should not force them to bathe when they are upset. Instead, you can help your child feel secure by adding fun activities to the washing routine. One principal activity amongst adolescents and toddlers is singing along to a fun and engaging rhyme. This video is a boon for parents to turn their struggles into a pleasurable experience. It demonstrates how kids can play and enjoy themselves while washing themselves. It helps kids identify the different body parts by name and reminds them to get them washed up. It teaches a hygiene lesson to children and instills cleanliness values that they retain for the rest of their lives. So, introduce this bath song to your bath time with your little ones and make them cherish every moment of your time together.