Baby lily is trying hard to say sorry for all the mistakes he has been making. Even though it's hard for him to get the words out, his effort and cute little expressions are sure to make you forgive him in no time!

Baby Lily was playing with skates in her home while his brother was collecting the alphabets box and arranging them, and her sister was painting. He destroys her brother's box building and then says sorry. She messes up her sister's painting in the process but manages to apologize in the end. Even though her siblings are a bit disappointed, they forgive her and understand that she is sorry for what happened. At the end of the video, Lily helps her sister make the painting he spoiled, and her siblings are happy and proud of her. The video ends with a heartwarming message that even though it's hard to apologize, it's important to make an effort to say sorry when we do something wrong. This video is a great reminder for adults and children alike that apologizing is a necessary part of life and can lead to healthier relationships with our family, friends, and peers. So next time you make a mistake, remember that it's important to apologize and make an effort to put things right.