Lily is a big girl now, helping her little friends wear safety equipment while cycling. Lily is so cute and lovely that everyone will definitely love her video.

Lily is back, and this time she's helping her little friends to wear safety equipment while cycling. Hi there, watch this video. Here, Lily is helping her friends learn how to stay safe while cycling. She is saying them it is really important to wear a helmet, elbow pad, knee pad, and other safety gear whenever you're on two wheels, whether it's a bike, tricycle, or tech. When she went into the park, she saw her two friends cycling, but without any safety equipment, she got worried and spoke to her friend about the importance of wearing protection. She also showed them how to wear and adjust every gear set, from their helmets and elbow pads to knee pads and other protective gear. Lily is showing them how to properly wear each safety gear and telling them about the benefits of wearing them. Safety gear will keep them safe and also make them look cool. They learned their lesson quickly and started wearing their safety gear. Lily was really happy to see her friends taking the right steps toward safety. Help Lily spread the word about safety gear, watch and share this video with your friends.