Five little ducks and their adventures. Learn to Count the Little Ducks and help the Mother Duck find them all

Being a mother duck and keeping an eye on all your ducklings is hard work! The video is about the five little ducks who embark on a trip towards the hill far from their house. As the dusk approached, the mother duck called her babies back, however, only four came back. The next day, four little ducks went up the hill again, but only three returned this time. Likewise, one by one, the ducks failed to return. Soon, the day came when no duck returned. Worried for her ducklings and afraid they would never find their way home, the dejected mother went up the hill in desperation. Watch to the end for a surprise splash that will have Mother Duck quacking in delight! It's a counting song that helps children develop a basic understanding of math and numbers. The nursery rhyme introduces the concept of descending order in a way that the child never forgets. So the children can learn and sing! It also helps to develop motor skills as each line has specific actions that accompany it as it is sung. The hand movements accompanying the singing make it easier for children to grasp the descending order of numbers as they visualize the concept of subtraction that is occurring.