Are you hurt? Sing along to experience the magic which will take all the pain away

Bruised elbows and skinned knees are a part of nearly every kid’s childhood. Whether riding a bike or playing sports, kids tend to throw caution to the wind when they’re having fun. Most injuries are minor, and kids are quickly back to playing. However, there is more to recovery than just physical well-being. Mental and emotional health are essential parts of recovery as well. So, we present for you a video that is built around braving injuries and dealing with them. It offers several critical lessons for children. Firstly, once they suffer an injury, they should approach their parents and let them know the nature of their injury. Secondly, it teaches them the importance of first aid. It also makes them realize that the pain is only temporary, and once they get the initial medical assistance, they will be able to play again, which is essential to ensure that they do not lose their morale. Finally, it depicts that older people get injured and have to undergo the same procedure. By learning so, they become more cooperative as they acknowledge that their problems are not unique and everyone goes through the same!