Follow baby Lily as she goes through her morning routine, from waking up to getting dressed for school. Getting up early and exercising all are her daily habits. Watch this video to learn how Lily exercises, eats a healthy breakfast and gets ready for sc

Hi, my name is Lily, and this is my morning routine. I'm a busy little girl and have a lot of things to do before I go to school. So watch as I get ready, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth. It's always an adventure living life as a toddler! Baby Lily wakeup so early, then she goes to her sibling and wakes them up too. After waking up, they brush their teeth together and then exercise to get their blood flowing. Next, it's time to eat breakfast. After having breakfast, they all get ready for school. They take their school bags and wear their uniform. They all look so cute in them! Then they reach the school and get ready for an exciting day ahead! Being toddlers, they follow a strict routine of getting ready for school. Even though it can get a bit tiring at times, they enjoy the process and look forward to going to school each day. Meet Baby Lily, the cutest little girl who will show you her morning routine. From waking up to getting ready for school, follow Baby Lily as she goes through her day. This adorable video is perfect for kids and parents alike!