Boys vs Girls? No, let’s all live and play together

Most studies show that a boy's lack of respect for girls usually begins in childhood. You can play an essential role if you are a parent or guardian. Disrespect manifests in minor behavior that can often go unnoticed or ignored. These behaviors include teasing, put-downs, verbal bullying, and bullying. We can set the right precedent by teaching our children to be respectful and considerate of all genders from an early age. This video highlights the importance of teaching respect and inclusivity across genders. It shows a bunch of boys putting a girl down until a sudden turn of events. The girl emerges to defeat the boys in their own game, thereby earning the boys' respect. It teaches the viewers a vital lesson that pestering or belittling someone is uncalled for, and everyone should be given their due respect regardless of gender, faith, ethnicity, background, etc.