Baby Shark! Make the shark jaws with your hands and sing along

Ever wondered what a day in the shark household entails? If yes, then hold on. We shall take you on a journey deep into the ocean and organize a meeting with the entire family of sharks. Yes, Baby Shark, Mama Shark, Papa Shark, Grandma Shark, and Grandpa Shark all are out for a family swim and invite you to join them in their adventures. Once they all make an entrance, they decide to go hunting. Then the focus shifts to the prey of these sharks, who have to “run away” in search of safety. Once they attain it, they can exclaim, “safe at last” and finally “it’s the end”, as the song concludes. Also, look out for special appearances from the neighbors of the sharks, such as starfish and dolphins!  The catchy tune will surely get you grooving, and if you are unsure how to move to the tune, don’t fret. We have choreographed some simple but exciting dance moves for you to break as you sing along. It is an excellent choice for family gatherings engaging one and all, from grandpas to babies!