Sunday is a great day to spend with family, but what do you do when the rain ruins your plans? Lily and her family have a clever solution! Watch this funny video to see how they ask the rain to go away.

Baby Lily is playing outside, and suddenly, the clouds start to gather. After a while, it's raining cats and dogs, so she runs inside to her parents. Her mummy made her a paper boat to enjoy the rain, and she played in the puddles. It's another rainy day, it is not getting stopped, and these kids are not happy about it. Watch as they sing their adorable song to try and get the rain to go away so they can play outside. With the rain pouring down outside, these siblings have come up with a creative way to ask the rain to go away. They chant the rhyme: "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." It worked! All of a sudden, the rain stops, and the sun comes out. Lily and her family can finally go outside and enjoy their day with a picnic in the park! In the middle of the pouring rain, Baby Lily and her siblings found an interesting way to keep themselves busy. Watch as they play with a paper boat and have loads of fun!