Come on! Let’s all welcome our new baby into the world together

You may think your new baby will instantly become your big brother or sister's best friend once they meet. As you have visions of matching outfits, snuggles before bed, and playing hide and seek in the yard, it's important to remember that the bond between siblings isn't always instantaneous. You can't be sure how your child will react to their little brother or sister. While you can't predict exactly how your child will react to their new little sister or brother, you can help make the first meeting go as smoothly as possible. This video is your guide to introducing babies to older children. It claims that while your children will not physically meet the baby until after it is born, it is important to introduce them beforehand. It encourages you to allow your child to talk to your baby bump. They can talk about anything: what's happening around them, their favorite toys, or the fun things they'll do together after birth. Reassure your child that you love them just as much as they did before and that they now have someone else who loves them too.